1. Don’t be a shitlord.
If you cannot abide by this rule, perhaps this is not the place for you.

2. VDM/RDM is never allowed.
Killing another player for little or no in-character reason is strictly forbidden.

3. New-Life Rule/Revenge.
You lose all memory regarding your death unless you are rescued by medics, and you are not allowed to exact revenge on anyone involved.

4. Powergaming is prohibited.
Any time you take away another person’s choice, you are powergaming. Anytime you are powergaming, expect admin interaction.

5. Metagaming and stream sniping/stalking is not tolerated.
Do not act on information obtained through any means other than direct RP. You must keep the information separate from your character’s knowledge.

6. Offensive Roleplay.
You are not permitted to RP sexual acts, detailed acts of torture or dismemberment, cannibalism, or any other extremely morbid activities without the express OOC consent of all participants. If you do end up getting permission, that permission can be withdrawn at any time.

7. TeamSpeak and Microphone.
These things are required if you expect to play here. This is a NO EXCEPTIONS rule.

8. Crimes, Common Sense, Location, and You.
Committing any type of obvious crime in a conspicuous area (bank, police station, hospital or any other obviously populated area) is forbidden.

9. Administrator Instructions/Rulings.
Admin/Moderator instructions and/or rulings are FINAL and non-negotiable. If a ruling seems to have been made in error, the dispute should be handled in Discord via staff complaint.