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*This is an IN-CHARACTER application*


Discord Name (Example#0000):

Steam Name

Character Name:

Date of Birth (YYYY-MM-DD):

Phone Number



What do you believe EMS does for the community?



Why do you want to be part of EMS and how do you see yourself fitting with the team?



Have you been arrested (If yes, what were you arrested for)?



How long have you been in the city?



EMS could be considered a taxing experience, trying to adapt to any environment that a 911 call comes from, while role-playing with a wide range of characters. One of the keys to long-term sustainability in the role is to have role-play activities that doesn't include being on-duty all the time. What hobbies do you have?



You arrive at a 911 call where a civilian has had a car crash and ejected from their vehicle. After checking their injuries, applying aid, and getting them on their feet, what should you do? (Select your answer by bolding the font)

  • Radio in that the scene is clear and move along
  • Check with the civilian and see how they are feeling
  • Assist the civilian to your ambulance for transport to the hospital
  • Search them for weapons, money, and/or drugs

Maya Montgomery
Executive Assistant to the Governor, State of San Andreas
Chief of Emergency Medical Services, City of Los Santos
Mobile: 421-9556


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