Commands & Hotkeys

Keep an eye on this page for updates and changes!

/e sitdown
/e salute
/e finger
/e finger2
/e foldarms
/e foldarms2
/e damn
/e fail
/e gang1
/e gang2
/e no
/e pickbutt
/e grabcrotch
/e peace
/e dead
/e holster
/e aim
/e aim2
/e guard
/e slowclap
/e cheer
/e bum
/e leanwall
/e copcrowd
/e copcrowd2
/e copidle
/e smoking
/e shotbar
/e drunkbaridle
/e djidle
/e djidle2
/e surrender

/cam (press E to enter camera view)
/e coffee
/e soda
/e soda2
/e chocdonut
/e cane
/e umbrella
/e phonecall
/e notes
/e cigar
/e cigar2
/e joint
/e holdcigar
/e holdcig
/e brief
/e brief2
/e stuckprop (will get rid of prop in your hand)

/e fdance1
/e fdance2
/e mdance1
/e mdance2
/e poledance
/e sdance1
/e sdance2
/e sdance3
/e sdance4
/e cokehead
/dance [female or male]
(use Numpad 4 & 7: controls the styles
Numpad 5 & 8: controls the intensity
Numpad 9 & 6: controls the number version
Numpad + & – : controls the version of the same dance)

/911 for emergency (type message for description)
/611 for mechanic (type message for description)
/511 for taxi (type message for description)
/sit (use WASD and arrow keys to adjust)
/daily (for reward)
/deal (for dealing drugs; type again to stop)
/lowtime (time before able to deal again)
/phone (pull out phone)
/speed # (set speed limiter on vehicle)
/shuff (move from passenger to driver’s seat)
/rw (roll window up/down)

B – point
F – enter/exit car
K – accessories
P – open/close map
U – lock/unlock vehicle
X – hands up
Z – prone
L-Ctrl – crouch
L-Alt – show ID #
~ (tilde) – adjust voice range
, (comma) – ragdoll
. (period) – view job/rank [hold]
[ – lean on/off
] – holster animation
F1 – open tablet
F2 – inventory
F5 – open/close alert system
F6 – job menu
F7 – invoices
F9 – call pet/pet menu
F10 – open/close scoreboard
F11 – seatbelt
Num+ – start/stop engine
Page Up – open phone
Page Down – open ID menu
Spacebar – jump
Shift+E – sit/stand up