• Changed Mustang GT class from VC_SUPER to VC_MUSCLE
  • Fixed issues with IPL loader causing some interiors to go “invisible”
  • At the request of one of the admins, you can now request an admin directly in-game. Messages sent in this manner go directly to an admin-only Discord channel. To use this feature type /admin <message>
  • The carwash price has been lowered to $35 from $100
  • Taco restaurant interior
  • Del Perro Pier Police Department interior
  • Legion Square restaurant interior


  • Stable menu now can be toggled by pressing E at the stable prompt (still not completed)
  • Changed death detection from hex-native to IsPlayerDead()
  • Added change to dead player revival to cancel the “please wait” message and respawn map popup
  • Fixed revive function so that it no longer breaks the death-and-revival process
  • Added heading data to map positions
  • Began the arduous (that means pain in the ass) process of breaking the framework down into components to modularize it


  • Created bnrp_base – the base script for the framework
  • Stripped out all elements that pertain to bnrp_rules — these will be included in bnrp_rules (see below)
  • Created IPL loader and added initial set of IPL’s fixing many holes and missing buildings on the map


  • Created bnrp_rules – drops in a rules window when you first load into the world
  • Stripped out all elements from the previous iteration of the server that are not part of bnrp_rules — these will be included in other modules as they are completed\


  • Created all graphics and HTML associated with character selection
  • Added ability to create a character
  • Added ability to select a character
  • Fixed issue with character selection that sometimes caused the slot object to become nullified, causing you to spawn in invisible

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