• Moved FiveM server over to Linux machine as a cost-cutting measure
  • Changed the DMV driving test so that it no longer warps you into the vehicle, which should eliminate confusion about whether or not the car needs to be hotwired
  • Resolved issues with being stuck ragdolled for longer than intended with the comma-key. I was hoping this would keep you from taking damage on cars when ragdolled, but you still do 🙁
  • Added /sp and /ss to set primary and secondary vehicle colors to completely custom colors (takes integer values) — this was done for testing purposes in hopes that we can add this as a “mechanic only” task (these custom values are not currently saved to the database, but will be soon)
    • To set your vehicle primary color to a crimson-red:
      /sp 184 15 10
  • Further tweaked hospital bed healing time to be a tidbit slower
  • Hospital beds now eject you when you reach 100% (this will be animated and do a better job of placing you at some point)
  • Hopefully resolved bug that was teleporting people back into hospital beds occasionally the next time they took damage after healing in a bed
  • Hospital beds now charge $2 per healing tick
  • Hospital beds now remove you if you cannot afford to be healed by them
  • Replaced Vangelico robbery with almost wholly customized version
    • Enabled police requirement for Vangelico, and then redisabled it for testing 😀
    • Vangelico is now a networked robbery that allows multiple people to steal
    • Vangelico currently gives regular money, this will change to dirty money
      Vangelico police notifications are half-working
  • Last minute addition of Christmas light effects to cars with the /rainbow command
  • Added admin-only Santa’s Sleigh
  • Added admin-only Santa Claus ped
  • Added Christmas map items
  • Set weather to auto transition to snow after server restart
  • Fixed issues with new Vangelico, more changes will come to this


  • Began writing bnrp_framework
  • Tied RedM into mySQL database
  • Stables are a thing now, and you can use them to spawn a horse (more functionality will be added to stables later)
  • Created account data table and code to automatically create an account when you login to the server for the first time
  • Created Rules panel and subsequent LUA, HTML, CSS, and Javascript code to control it
  • Implemented ragdoll (Z key)
  • Players can shift into a random animal form, this will change at a later date to be more meaningful

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