Available Jobs

Whitelist Jobs – HIRING!
Please visit the Community Forum to apply for the following whitelist jobs:

1. Bank (Owner 1 & 2 available)
2. Car Dealerships
     a. PDM (Owner 1 & 2 available)
     b. Motorcycle Lot (Owner 1 & 2 available)
     c. Performance (Owner 1 & 2 available)
3. EMS (Chief – Maya Montgomery)
4. Mechanic (Owner 1 – Mack Montgomery, Owner 2 – available)
5. Police Department (Chief – Brian McCaffery)
6. Taxi (Owner 1 – Earnest Worrell, Owner 2 – available)
7. Vanilla Unicorn (Owner 1 & 2 available)

Public City Jobs
These jobs are available to everyone at the job center in the city.

1. Bus Driver
2. Chicken Plant Worker
3. Commercial Fisher
4. Fuel Production Transporter
5. Garbage Crew
6. Lumber Worker
7. Mining
8. Reporter
9. Salvager
10. Tailor

Interested in a Whitelist Business Owner position? Please read this carefully before applying:

As a business owner, you have one of the highest paid positions in the city. In addition, you have more responsibility and a reputation whether you realize it or not. If you have a desire to perform criminal activities (e.g., muggings, heists, drug dealing, etc.), you are strongly encouraged to make an alternative character for this purpose. The police can seize your property if they believe it was gained through a crime.

You are given a certain amount of starting money in your society fund. Society funds should only be used for business items and salary pay-outs. If you manage to run your business into the ground and bankrupt it, you, as the business owner, will also be bankrupted.

Because whitelist businesses in this city are designed to be held by at least two people, the person that most evidently caused the bankruptcy will have their assets seized until the city feels there is enough to replace the money you were loaned to start the business.